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Session Evaluation

2023 Conference Attendee Evaluation
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Wednesday, March 15
08:15 AM - 09:15 AM
25 Great Ideas in School Safety/Security Start
ESSER Monitoring Panel* Start
Everything Equipment Start
New Business Orientation* Start
Succession Planning: Creating Leaders from within* Start
Transportation Hot Topics* Start
Working Through Your Long Term Plan* Start
09:30 AM - 09:55 AM
Bidding on Technical Supplies for CTCs* Start
Current HR Updates/Trends - FMLA, Sabbaticals, and other types of leaves* Start
Custodial Training Start
Metrics that Matter* Start
Payroll for Quarterly Taxes* Start
09:30 AM - 10:30 AM
IU Roundtable Discussion Start
Procurement Cracker Barrel/Firestorm - Challenges and Solutions Start
10:05 AM - 10:30 AM
Best Practices for Payroll Deductions* Start
Current HR Trends/Updates - Affordable Healthcare Update: Compliance Complexities & Best Practices* Start
Custodial Evaluation Start
Data Privacy* Start
The Future of Universal Free Meals Start
10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
AASD Cyber Attack!* Start
Cooperative Purchasing-Solutions and Differences Start
Effective Support Staff Feedback and Evaluations* Start
Healthcare 101* Start
PIMS: Why the Data Matters Start
The Legislative Connection Between PASBO and PDE Start
Visualize Retirement* Start
Who’s on First? Restructuring & Rebuilding Your Accounting Functions* Start
01:45 PM - 02:45 PM
Accounts Payable 101* Start
Elevate Your Budget Presentations Through Data and Analytics* Start
Foundations of HR* Start
How a Driver Shortage Impacted Your LEA* Start
Mastering the PASBO Data Menagerie and Information Treasure Trove: What's in it for you and how do you find it! Start
Name, Image & Likeness (NIL) Rights for High School Athletes Start
Operational Leadership* Start
The Legal Implications of a School Security Incident Start
Thursday, March 16
08:15 AM - 09:15 AM
Cyber Security Claims, Coverage, and Safeguards* Start
Helping Staff Navigate the Retirement Maze* Start
Navigating the UG Purchasing Maze* Start
Student Activities 101* Start
The Importance of a First-Class PM Program* Start
Understanding the Credit Rating Process and the Correlation Between Your Rating and Borrowing Cost Start
Where’s the BEEF!?! What happened to your Basic Ed Funding?* Start
09:30 AM - 09:55 AM
Advocacy 101 Start
Alternative Fuel Source Vehicle Grants Start
Child Accounting Refresher Start
Cooking in Healthy Electrified Commercial Kitchens Start
Finance & Investment Market Update* Start
PASBOLink Start
PSERS & Voya Payroll Processing* Start
SEF Money: Compare yourself to the Benchmarks* Start
10:05 AM - 10:30 AM
Benchmarking Survey - How to Use the Data Start
Debt & Bond Market Update* Start
Diversity in School Meal Programs Start
PASBO Professional Certification Start
PDE Transportation Reimbursement* Start
PSERS Rate Decrease* Start
Understanding Your Retirement Benefits – Are You Ready?* Start
10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
A Data-Driven Approach to Creating a Culture of Safety Start
Driving Funding through Accurate ADMs* Start
First Timer's Focus Group Start
Healthcare Trends & Employee Benefits Education* Start
IFO Economic Update Start
Legal Ins and Outs of Cooperative Purchasing* Start
Panel Discussion on Current/Future Technology Issues and Concerns* Start
Thriving While Surviving – 7 Ways to Grow Personally and Professionally in Difficulty* Start
02:45 PM - 03:45 PM
ESSER Monitoring Panel* Start
21-22 Food Service, A Year in Review* Start
25 Great Ideas/Firestorm Session for Facilities* Start
ChatGPT: Transforming Education with AI Start
Current/Best Practices in School Leadership* Start
DEI initiatives at Susquehanna Township School District Start
What you don’t know can hurt you....What the CAA can do for you! Health Care and Hospital Cost Transparency is here* Start
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
A Better Way to Collect Delinquent Real Estate Taxes* Start
Best Practices in Fund Balance* Start
Budgets and Food Service: Formula for Success* Start
Human Behavior and Investing Start
IUs for New School Business Officials* Start
Recruiting and Retention - Being Creative within the Confines of your Contracts* Start
School Funding Lawsuit* Start
Special Education and Transportation: Enhancing Practices and Problem Solving* Start
Friday, March 17
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM
CTC Roundtable Discussion Start
Discipline, Investigations, and Grievance Administration* Start
Hot Topics/Current Event in Education Policy Start
Multi-County School Districts* Start
Transportation Roundtable* Start
Understanding Mental Health Assessments: Tools for School Safety and Security Coordinators* Start
09:45 AM - 10:45 AM
D&I initiatives at Mt. Lebanon School District Start
Dealing with Difficult People/Conflict Resolution* Start
Discussion: PCCD Baseline Criteria Review Start
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration* Start
How to Cover Custodial/Maintenance Shortages* Start
Lessons Learned and Future Challenges in the COVID Age* Start
Throw Your Hat in the Ring Start

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