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Andre Young
4 C's

Consistency! - Learn the compound effect of consistency, what to be consistent about, and how to do it to enhance your personal leadership, leadership skills, and work/life harmony! Learn the impact of The 5 Points of Your Day and The Definition of Leadership!

Confidence! - Many leaders aren’t as confident as you’d think. Learn how to enhance your confidence and meet the needs of other (your team, your boss, your clientele, etc.) in the most powerful way possible as you learn the most impactful question a human being can ask another… The Get Great Question!

Construction-Talk! - Success and Leadership are a language. Learn how to share an idea, vent, and to gossip like a leader!

Compete! - Learn how to compete with yourself, others, and the world as you learn what to aim for and how to hit it with A Leader’s Vision & Vision Factors!!!
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